COTMA Conference 2018 Perth


Conference Group Photograph Photo: Mal Rowe


List of Papers


Some further papers yet to be added as of 28/10/2018


Fund Raising Ideas - Tracey Porter


Heritage Trams in the Streets - A Christchurch Perspective - (5Mb) - Dave Hinman


ONSR Rail Safety Presentation - (2.2Mb)- Paul Butler


Perth Urban Rail Network in 2018- (7Mb) - Elwyn Gearon


Public Transport Authority Perth - (3.3Mb) - Mark Burgess


Retired Tram Strategy - Mal Rowe


Safety at the Sydney Tramway Museum - Ian Saxon


Spare Parts - Mal Rowe


The Story of Perth Electric Trains - Alan Cotton

Accompanying photographs - (2.7Mb) - Bob Pearce


Trolley Troubles - (2.5Mb) - Timothy Borchers



COTMA Museum Reports


A Tale of Two Tramways (Christchurch NZ) (19.3Mb) - Dave Hinmann


Asia Pacific Heritage and Tourist Rail Organisation -(2.6Mb) - Kyoichi Oda


Ballarat Tramway Museum - Warren Doubleday


Brisbane Tramway Museum - (13.8 Mb) Peter Hyde


Danish Tramway Museum - (1.6Mb) Mikael Lund


Kaohsiung LRT - from a Freight Line to a Tramway - Taiwan - (18.5Mb) - Nai-Yi Hsu


Perth Electric Tramway Society - (3Mb) - Bob Pearce

- Notes for the PETS presentation - Bob Pearce


Tasmanian Transport Museum - (2Mb) - David Verrier