COTMA Conference 2010 - Wellington


Conference Group Photograph- Bryce Pender



List of Papers


Further Papers and Discussions will be added as they become available.


Main Line Electrification in NZ (4.1MB)                                                       Allan Neilson


Wellington Electrified Area Railway Power Supplies (0.5MB)                     Craig Tooke


The Barriers we Face  (1 MB)                                                                       Trevor Burling


Christchurch Tram Extension (0.7 MB)                                                         Dave Hinman

            PowerPoint Presentation (5.6MB)


Wellington Cable Car Rope Change (DVD presentation)                              Gavin McIntyre


Death of Roger Rabbit                                                                                   Geoff Graham


Update on Melbourne Tramways (1.6MB)                                                     Rod Atkins


What’s in a Name (0.72MB)                                                                           Craig Tooke


Executives – What to do in the event of a loss (Discussion)                          Lindsay Richardson


Portland Cable Tramway                                                                                Alan Rees


Restoration of Christchurch 26 (0.1MB)

            PowerPoint Presentation (3.1MB)                                                      Dave Carr


Producing a Book                                                                                           Richard Gilbert


Tramway Museums History and ‘The Web’ (1.6MB)                                    Mal Rowe


Mailouts vs Email/Websites (Discussion)                                                       Warren Doubleday


Auckland’s Waterfront Tramway Proposal(1.6MB)                                                  Colin Zeff