COTMA Conference 2014 Sydney


Conference Group Photograph (2Mb) Photo: Martin Pinches


List of Papers


Atlanta Streetcar (7MB) Tim Borchers


Auckland Waterfront Tramway (3.2MB) David Maciulaitis


Australian Electric Transport Museum (Adelaide) (4.5MB) Colin Seymour


Ballarat Tramway Museum Presentation (4.1MB) Warren Doubleday


Bendigo Tramways (3MB) Jos Duivenvoorden


Brisbane Tramway Museum (film)(30MB) Peter Hyde


Donating to Museums Now and in a Will (0.1MB) Dennis McManus


Melbourne Tramway Update (10.1MB) Mal Rowe


Melbourne Tramway Museum (TMSV)(.1MB) Mal Rowe


Perth Electric Tramway (1MB) Bob Pearce


Sydney Tramway Museum (14.5MB) Howard Clark


Tasmanian Transport Museum (Hobart) (5MB) David Verrier


Tramway Historical Society and Christchurch Tram Dave Hinmann

(A Tale of Two Tramways)(20.5MB)


Tramway Signalling in Australia (3.0MB) Noel Reed

Notes on Tramway signalling in Australia


Transport Heritage NSW (3.7MB) Peter Lowry


Wellington Tramway Museum (10.5MB) Russell Jenkins


Western Springs Tramway (7.68) Clinton Pearce


US Museums 10 Years Plans (0.5MB) Tim Borchers



COTMA Conference Documents


The 2014 Quiz (3.2MB)


Conference Information Pack (2.1MB)


Conference Trams and Ferries tour notes (1.6MB)