COTMA Conference 1976 Sydney


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List of Papers



1.      Analysis of a Report Museums in Australia; 1975 H.H. McKern


2.      How Volunteers can Learn from Professional Museums H.H. McKern


3.      Planning and Constructing a Tramway David Hinman


4.      Track Construction Chris Steele


5.      Museum Motivations Dr. John Radcliffe


6.      What an Educationist looks for from a Museum Primary Age B. Sargent





A1 Members and Membership

A2 Planning Historic Construction v Local Government Regulations

A3 Track and Overhead Engineering and Standards

A4 Comparison of Administrative Structures


B1 Historical Accuracy in Restoration and Associated Standards

B3 Joint Publicity Publicity and Community

B4 Site Security


C1 Women and their role in Tramway Museums

C2 Gift shop, book store and merchandising

C3 Reciprocal visits


D1 Publications production, co-operation and cost sharing

D2 Attitude of Management to Members

D3 Rationalisation of W3/W4 truck distribution


E1 Museums v Tourist Tramways

E2 Museums and Private Companies

E3 Future Manpower requirements and availability

E4 Overhauls Facilities Required




Expert Panel spare parts and Policy Objectives Vehicle collection