COTMA Conference 1996 Hobart


The Full Document 1996 Proceedings 5Mb


Tour Notes for Hobart Tram Routes




1.      Service Scheduling for Tramcars Warren Doubleday


2.      Helping Them to Give it to You! Taxation Incentives for the Arts Scene Len Millar


3.      Tramcar Cleaning Ron White


4.      Is the Volunteer Model Sustainable? Les Stewart


5.      National Guidelines for Regional, Local and Specialised Museums John Radcliffe


6.      Car Parking at Museums Bill Kingsley


7.      Keeping the Rails Cleaned and Lubricated Dennis Bell


8.      Collections are we losing them? Richard Gilbert


9.      Documenting Electrical Operations Craig Tooke


10.  Proper Care of Photographic Archives John Phillips


11.  Depot Security - discussion


12.  Public Transport to the Grand Prix Jim McCrum


13.  Wheels, Skids, Pantographs and Bow Collectors discussion panel


a.       Appendix B associated with Paper 13


14.  The $ Value of Trams Peter Hyde


15.  Dangerous Goods Storage Len Millar


16.  The Internet and How it Can Help You Les Steward


17.  Conservation Planning in a Tramway Museum Environment Warren Doubleday


18.  Vision Testing for Drivers Bill Kingsley


19.  The Christchurch Tram Transporter John Shanks, Bruce Dale, Dave Hinman


20.  The Rottnest Island Railway Lindsay Richardson


21.  Icons, Trams and Tourism Neville Gower and Richard Gilbert