COTMA presentations – 2016 - Christchurch

FRIDAY 14 October 2016

“Christchurch Regeneration, and the Arts Centre Restoration Project” - Andre Lovatt (Arts Centre CEO and Chair of Regenerate Christchurch) (plus mp4)

“Public transport evolution in Christchurch - did we miss the bus?” - Dave Hinman and Shaun Hardcastle (Elemental Consulting)

“Sustainable heritage is about more than just the money” - Stephen Ryan FRD, Sydney

“Tramway Treasures – some surprises from the NZRLS Archives” - Brent Efford

“Light Rail for Auckland?” - Vincent Chan

“Melbourne Update” – Mal Rowe

Reims France – the story of a new tramway” - MARS

SATURDAY 15 October 2016

“Ferrymead Heritage Park Regeneration, including National Rail Museum Development” - John Peterson

“Hills Car 24 Restoration Project” - Stephen Taylor

“Tram painting techniques –current best practice or traditional methods?” – Graeme Richardson (HTT) & Daniel King (Resene Paints)

Trolleybuses at Ferrymead Heritage Park, - a Youtube video made by Jeremy Kays

SUNDAY 16 October 2016            

“Trials and Tribulations when Your Traction Power Supply Fails - experience of a catastrophic power outage at the Wellington Tramway Museum and what we can all learn from this”.  -  Henry Brittain & Steve Porter.  Text of address

“Reporting a Serious Incident to Authorities” - Ian Saxon - Sydney Tramway Museum.
Text of address.

“Welcome Aboard Group/Christchurch Tramway – Our Earthquake Recovery” – Michael Esposito

“It all started 60 years ago in New Zealand” - Address by New Zealand tramway historian Graham Stewart MNZM. Text of address.

MONDAY 17 October 2016

“The Danish Tramway Museum - expansion, challenges and opportunities – on a European background - Mikael Lund


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Hobart (video linked to YouTube)


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Sydney Bus Museum

THS Christchurch (video linked to YouTube) plus Invercargill 16


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