COTMA Conference 2012 - Adelaide


Conference Group Photograph (4.3Mb) Photo: Maikha Ly



List of Papers


Archives, documenting, scanning and data bases (0.1Mb) John Ward



Birney 15 Restoration (0.1Mb) Dave Carr

         Powerpoint Presentation with photos



Challenges involved in the first extension for the Glenelg Tram Line Manuel Delgado

from Victoria Square to City West. (4.1Mb)


Current Melbourne Tramway Scene an update (4.8Mb) Rod Atkins

         Beware The Rhino link to Yarra Trams You Tube video


Effects of the Christchurch Earthquake on the City Tramway and Dave Hinman

Ferrymead and news on Tram Barn 3.

         Part 1 (3.4Mb)

         Part 2 (3.6Mb)

         Part 3 (4.2Mb)

         Part 4 (3.1Mb)


Glengowrie Tram Workshops and Depot Upgrade. (5.9Mb) Nick Marciano



Modern Rolling Stock is it worth preserving? (2Mb) Craig Tooke



New Rollingstock, both light rail and electric multiple unit railcars Randall Barry & Peter Haskard

for Adelaide. (3.1Mb)



Putting your Photograph and Movie Collection to Work (0.4Mb) Warren Doubleday



South Road overpass construction and maintenance

of tram services. (6.1Mb) Paul Gelston



The tramway museum journal of record (0.1Mb) Alan Smith & Brent Efford




The Quiz


Quiz Questions and Answers (3.2Mb) David Critchley and Bob Pearce