COTMA Conference 1977 Adelaide


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List of Papers



1.      Transport Museums A Professionals View Derek Scrafton


2.      Obtaining Community Funds for developing Museum Operations D. J. Williams


3.      The future for the specialist museum G. Speirs


4.      Construction and maintenance of museum overhead Max Fenner


5.      Practical Fire Prevention in Museums R. S. Emery


6.      Safety Programmes for Museums R. Moulds


7.      Exhibitions A lesson in professional museum practice G. Breydon and A.C. Cooke


8.      About People W. J. Kingsley





1a Management of Employed Labour

1b Management of External Funds

1c Preparation of Assistance Submissions


2a Archival Materials

2b Transport Bibliography

2c International Communications


3a Per-way Maintenance

3b Tramcar Maintenance

3c Horsecar operation


4a Member safety standards

4b Operating safety standards

4c Prevention of damage to exhibits


5a Fire Safety

5b Electrical Safety

5c Construction Safety


6a Publicity

6b Role of static displays

6c Bookshops


7a Training and managing operating crews

7b Membership

7c Public Charges




1.                  Expert Panel on Tramcar Acquisitions and Spare Parts


2. Expert Panel on Tramway Museum Safety Standards