COTMA Achievement Awards 

Previous Achievement Awards have been made to:

2018 - Perth

The Bill Kingsley Award to the Perth Electric Tramway Society for the restoration of for the restoration to full operation of E class Perth Tramcar No. 66.

Achievement Award for the cooperative work across many years enabling the continued commercial Service of Sydney R class tram 1808, now running as Christchurch 1888. The award was shared between the volunteer-based organisations of Sydney Tramway Museum as owner of the car, Western Springs Tramway Auckland and Tramway Historical Society (Christchurch) on behalf of the Heritage Tramways Trust and Christchurch Tramway Ltd in developing a continued use for the car.

The Award Presentation and judges comments can be viewed here.

Volunteer Recognition Awards

COTMA marks notable volunteer efforts based on the recommendations of member groups. In 2018, we celebrated the following:

  • Tramway Historical Society (Christchurch) – Phyllis and Graeme Belworthy and Barry Marchant
  • Ballarat Tramway Museum – Barry Richardson and Les Williams
  • Melbourne Tram Museum – Carolyn Cleak and Noelle Jones.

COTMA Chairman’s Award

Wellington Tramway Museum was presented with the occasional “Chairman’s Award” for their commitment to purchasing at considerable expense, all of the available overhead fittings and parts arising from the closure of the Wellington trolley bus system. These are available for distribution across the world to museum tramway and trolley bus organisations.

James Duncan (Auckland) was also given an award, deserving “high commendation for the often heroic effort he has put in attempting to keep the struggling Dockline Tramline operating and for his ability to rally others to the cause”.

2016 - Christchurch

The Bill Kingsley Award to the Tramway Historical Society (Christchurch NZ) for the restoration of Dunedin Mornington Cable Car Trailer 111.

Achievement Award to:

  • Ballarat Tramway Museum - Installation of a Solar Power Supply System
  • Ballarat Tramway Museum - Cuthberts939 - Function Tram.
  • Wellington Tramway Museum - Restoration of Wellington Fiducia 260.

The Award Presentation and judges comments can be viewed here.

Volunteer Achievement Awards

  • Roger Gosney and Peter Waugh of the Ballarat Tramway Museum
  • Murray Sanders of the Tramway Historical Society
  • Gus Weir of the Wellington Tramway Museum




2014 - Sydney

The Bill Kingsley Award to the Tramway Historical Society (Christchurch NZ) for the restoration of Invercargill City Tramways Birney No. 15. Click here to read their submission.

Achievement Award to:

  • Western Springs Tramway for: Restoration of Melbourne SW6 906.

Volunteer Achievement Awards were awarded to Roger Salen and Gavin Young of the Ballarat Tramway Museum.

2012 - Adelaide

The "EAR" Award To the Perth Electric Tramway Society (PETS) for their book "Tracks by the Swan – The Electric Tram and Trolley Bus era of Perth, Western Australia."

2010 - Wellington

The "EAR" Award to both the Ballarat Tramway Museum and Western Springs Tramway.

Achievement Awards to:

  • Australian Electric Traction Museum for: Restoration of Bogie Open Combination tram 118.
  • Ballarat Tramway Museum for: Community Partnership - Horse Tram Operations.
  • Tramway Historical Society for: Christchurch Tramway Board Electric Tram No. 26.
  • Western Springs Tramway for: Wellington Double Decker Tram No. 47 "Big Ben".


2008 - Launceston

  • Wellington Tramway Museum for: Conservation Plan for Wellington Electric Tramway No. 17.
  • Melbourne Tramcar Preservation Association for: The Preservation and Restoration of MMTB L class tram No. 103.

2006 - Melbourne

The " EAR" Award:

Melbourne Tramcar Preservation Association for the Preservation and Restoration of tramcar VR No. 41.

Achievement Awards to:

  • Ballarat Tramway Museum - "Meeting Challenges" - Rebuilding the electrical sub-station and publishing "The Golden City and its Tramways"
  • Melbourne Tramcar Preservation Association - Preservation and Restoration of VR No. 41
  • Wellington Cable Car Museum - Restoration and display of Cable Grip Car No. 3.
  • Australian Electric Tramway Museum – Northern Depot and Administration Building
  • Ballarat Tramway Museum – Ballarat Begonia Festival 2004 – “Moving People”
  • Perth Electric Tramway Society – Mainline Re-sleepering Project
  • 1912 Boon Tram for Wanganui Society – Conservation Plan for Electric Tram No. 12.
  • Omnibus Society - Restoration of NZR Omnibus 3583
  • Steam Tram & Railway Preservation Society -  Recommencement of Regular Museum Operations at Valley Heights
  • Ballarat Tramway Museum - The Ballarat Gold Tram Marketing Project
  • Portland Cable Trams - Construction & Opening of the Portland Cable Tram Project
  • Sydney Tramway Museum - 50 years of Trolley Wire

2000 - Ballarat

  • Australian Electric Tramway Museum – Refurbishment of Glenelg 360
  • Museum of Transport and Technology - The MOTAT Act 2000
  • Tramway Historical Society - Restoration of CTB No. 1
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