General Electric-air and control systems



Drawing Number

Drawing title

Date if known or circa



GE 13474 GE 13474 GE 1000 A Motor Yoke Suspension 1/1904 STM 9/10/2021
GE 13593 GE 13593 GE 67 A Motor Yoke Suspension 12/1899 STM 9/10/2021
GE 14601A GE 14601A Type RG Form A Reostats 2/1915 STM 9/10/2021
GE 14877 GE 14877 Type M Form D3 Lightning Arrestors 5/1915 STM 9/10/2021
GE 15080A GE 15080A Method of Supporting type RG Resistors 11/1919 STM 9/10/2021
GE 15288 GE 15288 Dimensions of GE 265 A Railway Motor 9/1922 STM 10/10/2021
GE 15289 GE 265C Railway Motor Dimensions 9/1922 STM 10/10/2021
GE M-2117411 GE Armature Wire Winding Rly Motor GE275 M-2117411 3/1922 STM 10/10/2021
GE L-1631294 GE Car Wiring for B-35 Controllers and Two Motors Electric Track Brakes Ant Run Back L-1631294 4/1915 STM 10/10/2021
GE 13631 GE Car Wiring for K-6 Controllers with Four Motors No 13631 2/1905 STM 10/10/2021
GE 13744 GE Car Wiring for K-11Controllers with Two Motors also Two K-10 No 13744 4/1901 STM 11/10/2021
GE K1807924 GE Connection Box BJ-386-A K1807924 (NSWGT Order 18993 1920) 5/1916 STM 11/10/2021
GE L-1638675 GE Connections B-54-C Controllers & Two Motors L-1638675 4/1919 STM 11/10/2021
GE L-1922694 GE Connections K-6 Controllers & 4 Motors L-1922694 4/1922 STM 11/10/2021
GE L-1636604 GE Connections K-28-B Controllers & 4 Motors L-1636604 6/1917 STM 11/10/2021
GE L-1636604 GE Connections Light Weight Type M Control K-2182699 8/1923 STM 11/10/2021
GE 41851 GGE Connections of Air Compressor Test Ds 41851 4/1914 STM 12/10/2021
GE L-1634580 GE Connections of K-28-B & K10-A Controllers One or Two Car L-1634580 4/1917 STM 12/10/2021
GE L-789151 GGE connections of LP Locomotive Air Brke Equipment L 789151 6/1915 STM 12/10/2021
GE K1631910 GE Connections of Piping for PC Control K1631910 3/1915 STM 12/10/2021
GE K1920399 GE Connections of RG Form A1 Resistors for Four Motors & PC5 Controllers K1920399 (NSWGT Order) 7/1918 STM 12/10/2021
GE DS 25970 GE Connections of Sprague M U Control Type M 600 1200 Volt NSWGR DS 25970 4/1912 STM 13/10/2021
GE DS 9403 GE Connections of Sprague Type M C-71-A Controllers DS 9403 5/1907 STM 13/10/2021
GE DS 9403M GE Connections of Sprague Type M C-71-A Controllers Mark Up Line Breaker DS 9403 5/1907 STM 13/10/2021
GE DS 38098 GE Connections of Straight Air Brake Equipment DS 38098 12/1918 STM 13/10/2021
GE L 789636 GE connections of straight air Brake Equipment with Emergency Feature L 789636 8/1925 STM 14/10/2021
GE L 789600 GE Connections of Straight Air Brake Equipment with Emergency Feature Trail (er) Car L 789600 6/1924 STM 14/10/2021
GE DS 37756 GE Connections of Type M Control NSW Government DS 37756 7/1913 STM 14/10/2021
GE 14254 GE Dimensions of GE 90 A motor 14254 10/1906 STM 14/10/2021
GE DS 9922 GE Dimensions of Controller C-71-A DS 9922 9/1907 STM 14/10/2021
GE DS 1088 GE DS 1088 Car Wiring for B-18 Controller with Two Motors 4/1900 STM 14/10/2021
GE DS 11528 GE DS 11528 Connections of K-35 C Controllers and Four Motors 6/1980 STM 14/10/2021
GE 15382 GE Electrical Apparatus Used with PC5 Control Equipment 15382 1/1924 STM 14/10/2021
GE K763220 GE K763220 & 1 Instruction Diagrams Type E Form J3 Emergency Valve 12/1922 STM 15/10/2021
GE Form L-1 GE Motormans Valves Type S Form L-1 6/1921 STM 15/10/2021
GE K1803465 GE Outline C-129-A Controller K1803465 12/1915 STM 15/10/2021
GE K1870103 GE outline for DA-82-C Coupler Socket & DC-54-C Plug K1870103 (NSWGT Order 18640) 9/1918 STM 15/10/2021
GE K846544 GE Outline Hood Switch K846544 6/1916 STM 15/10/2021
GE K1666092 GE Outline MS-42-K & H Switches K1666092 5/1916 STM 15/10/2021
GE K1807972 GE Outline MS-118-A Switch K1807972 (NSWGT Order 18664 1920) 10/1916 STM 15/10/2021
GE N41C29 GE Outlines Auxillary Air Apparatus for PC Controllers N 41C29 5/1925 STM 15/10/2021
GE N-2168314 GE Shafts & Keys Rly Motor GE275 M-2168314 8/1922 STM 16/10/2021
GE K709916 GE Standard Auxiliary Reservoirs K709916 2/1919 STM 16/10/2021
GE M129701 GE Terminals M129701 2/1903 STM 16/10/2021
GE Type DB-291 Form K7 Contactor c1920 STM 16/10/2021
GE Type DB-291 Form K7 Contactor-2 c1920 STM 16/10/2021
GGE Type DB-685 Relay c1920 STM 16/10/2021
K1668432 GE Outline MS-14-E & G Switch K16668432 1925 1925 STM 21/10/2021
K1666092 GE Outline MS-14-H & -K Switch K1666092 1925 1925 STM 21/10/2021

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